What you need to know about Grooming your Doodle?

Doodle Grooming

Trust our staff with over 30 years of experience to take good care of your pet when you bring them to us for a grooming. Your satisfaction is important to us and we are continually working to meet your expectations.


Doodle Grooming

We love our doodle and are trusted by tons of doodle owners just like you. With having a doodle comes some responsibility when it comes to your doods coat. We often find that lots of owners do not brush their doodles in between their visits to the groomer. This is not good for your doodle as they secretly will get mattes on their body that make it very hard for you to keep that fluffy curly doodle hair that everyone loves. We highly recommend that you brush your dog at least 2-3 times a month or more. This will help keep tangles out and allow your dood’s hair to go back to that curly look. It is painful for both the dog and the groomer when we have a dood that comes in matted. We carry suppplies that you can use to help keep your dood’s coat looking good. 

Bath, Brush, & Hair Cut

  • Full Hair Cut
  • Bath and conditioner
  • Blow Dry Hair
  • Cut & file nails
  • Trim pads & paws
  • Clean/pluck ears
  • Clean potty area
  • Relieve glands 
  • Bandanna 

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